All articles from Information studies. Mostly in Danish

Communication theory
An analysis of a “question time” in the Danish Parliament for the exam of the course Communication at the University of Aarhus
Made in collaboration with Ann Christine Engby and Haakon Nergaard.

Taken By Under Scan
This article was made in the course Digital Aesthetics at The University of Aarhus. The article analises to digtial art peices Taken by David Rokeby and Under Scan by Rafael Lozano Hemmer

The article was made for the course History of Technology at The University of Aarhus. It as a analysis of the Danish telecommunication company TDC.

It was made in collaboration with Emil Rune Schrøder Poulsen

Kuhn – Reoccuring Revolutions
An article about Thomas Kuhn paradigmes and Karl Poppers incommensurability written for the course Studium Generale at The University of Aarhus.
Written in collaboration with Haakon Nergaard.
Link to the article is Comming

Organisation theory
Projects transplanted spark of life
This article (with a quite peculiar title) was made as exam assignment to the course Organisation theory at the University of Aarhus.
It invsetigates why some project survive (in this case the internet) while others are being abandoned (the French Minitel).
Written in collaboration with Haakon Nergard.

Ubiquitous Computing
An essay in English on how to use ubiquitous computing to enhance experience in pervasive gaming. Written at the course Ubiquitous Computing at The University of Stockholm. Made in collaboration with Henrik Berggren.

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