With Li Bian and Sebastian Rønde Thielke.

Most of the existing email interfaces, such as Gmail or Yahoo Mail, give users no means of making distinction between writing a personal mail to family and friends and writing a formal mail to a corporate manager. Although many of them have a lot of customization features for the look and feel, the crowded menus and extra feature bars often end up distracting the users instead of helping them. To address these problems our team designed and implemented Texk within four days.

Texk is an application that makes writing a letter more playful and personal, and creates a new way to express/communicate one’s feelings with text. It allows users to focus on writing, does not contain disturbing menus, has minimal yet sufficient formatting tools, reflects users’ writing style and is playful through its simultaneous and constant response. Texk gives a personal touch to writing a letter in the digital world. Instead of replacing the traditional writing style with pen and paper, Texk cultivates a playful and creative environment for a new way of letter writing by utilizing the power of computers.

The Texk interface gives users a full size letter page as the free space for writing and drawing; there are no other distracting applications such as chatting or gaming. When a user double clicks on the page, a wheel menu appears which contains the minimum yet sufficient amount of functionality for customizing the letter. Text size, font, and the spacing between letters and words change instantly according to the user’s typing speed and strength. The user can also start typing or drawing anywhere on the page by simply moving the mouse cursor on the intended location.

Press here to try out the semi working version, or download it (right click and save as).

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